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【4/9~】Stargazing package with breakfast

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥10,500(w tax)~

Features of the plan

This is a stargazing package with breakfast included. The package includes a standard twin room, stargazing tour tickets, and breakfast with home baked bread and fresh local ingredients.

Package Details:
●Stargazing tour tickets (normally 5000 yen as an option per person)
Luna observatory offers educational stargazing tours every night consist of 4K planetarium show, state-of-art observatory session, and relaxing stargazing on camping beds outside under starlight (about 100 min in total). We have alternative fun plans in rainy condition.

Important Note:
●Please get to the hotel early enough (by 20:00 at the latest, preferably by 19:00) for participating in the stargazing tour. You might not be able to join the tour otherwise due to the nature of contents of the tour. Please note that the stargazing tour tickets are nonrefundable under any circumstances.

●This package does not include dinner. The hotel is located in a quite rural area of Minami-Aso, so it might be hard to find dining places in the vicinity of the hotel. You might want to bring your own snack or eat beforehand on your way. Please choose dinner included package if you would like to have dinner at the hotel restaurant. Our restaurant tables are available only with reservation at least three days in advance.

Important Note:
●For those who are planning to join our 4K planetarium show at 17:00, please get to the hotel early enough. We can’t open the planetarium door once the show started.

(●Some part of our star gazing tour takes place in the outside field. Temperature might drop during night, so warm clothes might be needed.)

Outline of the plan

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥10,500(w tax)~

Check in
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not included
included / Breakfast plate

Term:Apr. 9, 2020~Sep. 30, 2020

●A set of Yukata (in M size, no kids size) for your use in your room (they are basically pajamas, so please use them only in your room).

●Typical car-navigation system might be confusing when you get here. We recommend you to refer google map instead.

  • オリオン座と本館
  • 当館の誇る九州最大級の天体望遠鏡
  • 寝転んで星空を楽しむ星見ヶ原
  • 阿蘇の風が吹き抜けるガーデン

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bread and soup (morning) Bread Atelier of forest baked at any time. Soup chef whole body utilizing the material.
Flavor of nature is alive and slightly.bread and soup (morning)

¥600×Quantity Set

Guri and Gura Castella  Sponge cake comes out Tokura haul you got to read about small.
I made ??a sponge cake full of such a dream. It is very popular with children!Guri and Gura Castella

¥1,000×Quantity Piece

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¥10,500~ ¥10,500~ ¥10,500~
¥12,500~ ¥12,500~ ¥10,500~
¥14,000~ ¥12,500~
¥16,100~ ¥14,000~ ¥14,000~
¥16,100~ ¥16,100~ ¥14,000~ ¥14,000~
¥18,000~ ¥15,000~
¥18,000~ ¥15,000~
¥20,700~ ¥18,000~ ¥15,000~
¥22,500~ ¥20,700 ¥18,000~ ¥18,000~ ¥15,000~

The price listed for one adult does include tax.

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