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LINDA "Women only dormitory room"
LINDA(room name) at 2F, this is women only dorm room (8 beds). You go up star from 1F, and take your shoues and pass through the corrinder and the room is right there. There is notation "LINDA" on the door. You can open the door with key card that is protected with unique id number, so please use this room safaly. And women only bathroom / powder room is next to LINDA room.
The room style is industry atmosphere tha has vintage mood like brooklyn, please enjoy and forget daily life in this place where it make you excited.
Capacity is 8 people so available to book the entire room,please contact us directly at e-mail.

1 person 1 night 3500 yen ~ + 500 yen (linen cleaning)
*the accomodation price is changed depending on season.
*Bathroom and room facilities is explained at facilities page below.
*Bathroom is commom. Please read them at facility guide page.

・Bed space facilities
We prepare safe Box, reading light, 2 outlets and small dust box, so please use them. The beds space is wide so please be relax on the bed. It's god way to take a rest for recovering the fatigue of travel or also good way to read the books or good way to come to 1st floor and have interaction with other guest. Please spend the good time whatever you want. We give you the key of safe box when you check in (please bring it back when check-out).

・luggage space
Each room has the space for storage your luggage (suitcase and backpack). You can lock it by wire and padlock there. We give you the key of padlock when of check in.

・Exclusive card key for floor
We give the all guest the exclusive cardkey for the suest safety. So non-guest cannot enter the guest space (2F 3F). Also, each room is locked, so only the guest who stay at that can unlock the door. For the women, we will give them women-only cardkey for open women only bathroom / powder room.

Outline of the room type

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥2,100(w/o tax)~

1 to 8 person

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1 person(s) 2 person(s) 3 person(s) 4 person(s) 5 person(s) 6 person(s) 7 person(s) 8 person(s)
¥3,300~ ¥3,300~ ¥3,300~ ¥3,300~ ¥3,300~ ¥3,300~ ¥3,500~ ¥3,500~
¥2,100~ ¥2,100~ ¥2,100~ ¥2,100~ ¥2,100~ ¥2,100~ ¥2,100~ ¥2,100~

The price listed for one adult does not include tax.

In case of No vacancy on the day you desire, try the Room Availability Service.

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