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[OZUNU] The newly-built thatched roof villa with Breakfast

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥40,000(w tax)~

Features of the plan

Ozunu: the second villa is newly-built thatched roof house equipped with modern living equipment to achieve the highest comfort.
In the site, traditional tea room aged 100 years has been rebuilt and three different types of gardens named‘Landscape Rock Garden’, ‘Japanese Traditional Garden’ and ‘Tea Room Garden” have been realized. Guests would feel as if they are staying in a famous temple. The view from the main room equipped with “Irori” or open hearth is the gardens in three different aspects: ‘Landscape Rock Garden in the site, ‘Pinetree Garden’ in front of the site, and ‘Scenery-Borrowing Garden’incorporating the mountain peaks of National Park. Staying here is space-time tripping to the summit of traditional garden art in modern Japan.

Please visit our cuisine menu page to choose your favourite dinner.

Breakfast contents
( subject to change depending on seasonal availability )
* Locally-made juice
( Satsuma orange, tomato, or mix vegetable )
* Locally-made natural yeast bread
* Locally-made jam ( tomato,
strawberry, or blueberry )
* Yogurt
* Baked egg
* Red leaf lettuce, or another
leaf vegetable

*Check-in time: from 3:00 pm
*Check-out time: by 11:00 am

The single large villa is provided for your exclusive use during lodging.
Rice Terrace Villa “Sasayuri-ann” is a rental villa with thatched roof which presents short-term lodging service exclusively for a couple or group up to 5 people ( 2-5 people ).

Meanwhile, we welcome an inquiry from media creators who wish to utilize the whole site of Sasayuri-ann as a unique location.

Note) The pet is not allowed in the villa.

Outline of the plan

1 limited 1day

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥40,000(w tax)~

Check in
Check out
not included
included / subject to change depending on seasonal availability.
Type of Payment
Pay by credit card / Advance bank transfer

Term:Through the year

Please contact us by telephone (+81-745-88-9402), WHATSAPP contact to Villa owner +819071004134 (Mr. Tetsuji Matsubayashi) and/or e-mail ( if you wish to stay tonight or tomorrow night.

Overnight stay option Click the picture to view details

Top blade meat Shabu-Shabu  Top blade meat Shabu-Shabu

¥8,000×Quantity set

Special Iga Beef Steak set Special Iga Beef Steak set

¥7,000×Quantity set

Steamed organic vegetables...  Steamed organic vegetables...

¥6,000×Quantity set

"Washoku" by Michelin star chef  "Washoku" by Michelin star chef

¥28,000×Quantity set

Japanese local cuisine Japanese local cuisine

¥12,000×Quantity set

Special Iga beef Shabu-Shabu set Special Iga beef Shabu-Shabu set

¥6,000×Quantity set

Tokujyo Nigiri Sushi  Tokujyo Nigiri Sushi

¥3,500×Quantity set

Jyo Nigiri Sushi  Jyo Nigiri Sushi

¥3,000×Quantity set

Makunouchi  Makunouchi

¥4,000×Quantity set

Matsutake Gohan(wild pine mushr) Matsutake Gohan(wild pine mushr)

¥2,500×Quantity set

Botan Nabe (wild boar stew) Botan Nabe (wild boar stew)

¥5,000×Quantity set

Massage for relaxation 60 min. Massage for relaxation 60 min.

¥9,000×Quantity set

Massage for relaxation 90 min. Massage for relaxation 90 min.

¥12,000×Quantity set

All prices include tax.

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All prices include tax.

Regarding children's rates

This table shows the basic prices for children (tax incl.)
Prices are subject to change depending on the date of your stay.
Please choose a date on the calendar to proceed to the following page and input the number of children to see the exact price.

age 0 to 12
Infant:With meal(s) and futon
Infant:Meal(s) only
Infant:Futon only
Infant:No meal or futon
100% of adult rate for a child
100% of adult rate for a child
100% of adult rate for a child
100% of adult rate for a child
100% of adult rate for a child
All prices include tax.

Items warranting special mention

tax included

About deposit

Necessary period of time:
Through the year
Payment date:Less than 3 days before the reserved date of arrival
Reservation price:100 % of Room Rates
Method of receiving:Bank transfer
Bank name:三菱UFJ銀行 上六支店
普通口座  0089811
口座名義  ササユリアン ベンチャーケミカル(カ
Items warranting special mention:銀行振込をご希望のお客様に限ります。
Deposit is required when you choose payment by bank transfer.

Cancellation rules

No. of persons / No. of nights1 day(s) before30 day(s) before40 day(s) before60 day(s) before
1 person(s) or more100%100%70%50%
In case of No vacancy on the day you desire, try the Room Availability Service.

What is the Room Availability Service?

You will be notified by e-mail or phone if a room
becomes available on the day you desire.

Apply for Room Availability Service

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