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Buffet plan including dinner and breakfast

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥14,650(w tax)~

Features of the plan

Dinner : Buffet
Breakfast : Buffet

It is the buffet using the ingredients of the season.

There is traditional rice cake making of Japan.

A buffet is called off in some cases.
In that case, it becomes the set menu.

Outline of the plan

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥14,650(w tax)~

Check in
Check out
included / Buffet
included / Buffet
Type of Payment
Pay by credit card

Term:Dec. 1, 2023~Jun. 30, 2024

Overnight stay option Click the picture to view details

Yukata Yukata

¥1,100×Quantity set

Anniversary Cakes 12cm Anniversary Cakes 12cm


Anniversary Cakes 15cm Anniversary Cakes 15cm


Anniversary Cakes 18cm Anniversary Cakes 18cm


Half snow crab Half snow crab

¥2,200×Quantity dish

Grilled lobster (half) Grilled lobster (half)

¥3,850×Quantity dish

All prices include tax.

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Room Type  
2 person(s) 3 person(s) 4 person(s) 5 person(s) 6 person(s) 7 person(s) 8 person(s) 9 person(s) 10 person(s) 11 person(s) 12 person(s) 13 person(s)
¥18,000~ ¥16,850~ ¥15,800~
¥16,850~ ¥15,800~ ¥14,650~ ¥14,650~
¥16,850~ ¥15,800~ ¥14,650~ ¥14,650~ ¥14,650~ ¥14,650~ ¥14,650~ ¥14,650~ ¥14,650~ ¥14,650~
¥14,650~ ¥13,600~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~
¥12,450~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~
¥14,650~ ¥13,600~
¥14,650~ ¥13,600~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~ ¥12,450~
¥33,400~ ¥32,500~ ¥31,200~

The price listed for one adult does include tax.

In case of No vacancy on the day you desire, try the Room Availability Service.

What is the Room Availability Service?

You will be notified by e-mail or phone if a room
becomes available on the day you desire.

Apply for Room Availability Service
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