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【Inn Sake Plan】Chitose and Takanoi Sake Brewery Collabora ...

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥18,700(w tax)~

Features of the plan

Treat yourself to one of the leading nationwide sakes in Japan, brewed at a historic local brewery in Niigata. Choose this plan to truly taste the best that Niigata has to offer.

[About Niigata Inn Sake Project]
In Niigata, we produce sake from our delicious local rice. Some of the local sakes produced here including Uonuma Ojiya,the rare Junmai Daiginjo, and Koshino Hatsubai Sechu Chozoshu are world renown. Taking pride in our local product, a coalition of Inns came together to create the Niigata Inn Sake Project. Our goal is to further promote the delicious offerings of our local sake.

【3 ideal sake meal pairings】
1)Appetizer 「Onko Chishin」 x Unprocessed sake(Daiginjo Genshu) “IONO” 60cc
2)Grilled Niigata Wagyu marinated Miso Kasu x Koshino Hatsubai Sechu Chozo Junmai Ginjo 60cc
3)Snow white hotpot with sake kasu and chicken x Hinano Yukigura Junmai 60cc

Start your day with a modern breakfast comprised of fresh local ingredients served with terrace rice produced right in Matsunoyama. At Chitose, we make the most important meal of the day, one you won’t soon forget.

Matsunoyama is one of the 3 major wellness hot springs along with Kusatsu, and Arima. With temperatures approaching 92 degrees, these springs are known to promote wellness of the body. The salt content of the water combined with the heat provides ideal conditions for skin rejuvenation. We invite you to soak in these wonders of nature to help heal your wounds, both mental and physical.

When booking your stay--if there are no vacancies on your desired date, please contact us via telephone. There is always a chance that someone has cancelled their reservation and we would be happy to accommodate you whenever possible.

Outline of the plan

3 limited 1day

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥18,700(w tax)~

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included / local cuisine
included / japanese breakfast
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Term:Through the year

* Food photos may vary depending on the season.
* Breakfast and dinner are served at hotel restaurant only.
* Hotel parking can accept a maximum of 25 vehicles. (Please forgive us if you need to store more than 25 vehicles)

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Regarding children's rates

This table shows the basic prices for children (tax incl.)
Prices are subject to change depending on the date of your stay.
Please choose a date on the calendar to proceed to the following page and input the number of children to see the exact price.

Infant:With meal(s) and futon
Infant:Meal(s) only
Infant:Futon only
Infant:No meal or futon
50% of adult rate for a child
All prices include tax.

About deposit

Deposit:Not required

Cancellation rules

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10 person(s) or less100%50%30%30%30%30%
20 person(s) or less100%50%30%30%30%30%
50 person(s) or less100%50%30%30%30%30%
51 person(s) or more100%50%30%30%30%30%
In case of No vacancy on the day you desire, try the Room Availability Service.

What is the Room Availability Service?

You will be notified by e-mail or phone if a room
becomes available on the day you desire.

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