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Hill view deluxe room : Asunaro max.4 guests

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Three windows give views of Wakakusayama and a herd of deer in nearby Nara city park.Also this room features wood trimming of Aomori cypress. The bathtub also is made from cypress wood. Enjoy a gorgeous stay!

Outline of the room type

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥31,900(w tax)~

2 to 4 person
  • Main building [Asunaro] formed inner bathIt is a bath made with ancient cypress. Will be healed by the scent of cypress felt faintly.
  • Main building, "Asunaro". Japanese room with bath
    本館【明日成】 Asunaro

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2 person(s) 3 person(s) 4 person(s)
¥37,400~ ¥36,300~ ¥35,200~
¥31,900~ ¥30,800~ ¥29,700~

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