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Traditional formal : Akebono max. 6 guests

The features of the room type

This large room has a rare "funazoko," or "boat-bottom" shaped ceiling.
Inner bath of the unit comes with a
It is spacious Japanese-style recommended for family

Outline of the room type

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥27,500(w tax)~

2 to 6 person
  • 本館【曙】 Akebono
  • Main building "Akebono".
    本館【曙】 Akebono

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All prices include tax.

Regarding children's rates

This table shows the basic prices for children (tax incl.)
Prices are subject to change depending on the date of your stay.
Please choose a date on the calendar to proceed to the following page and input the number of children to see the exact price.

Infant:With meal(s) and futon
Infant:Meal(s) only
Infant:Futon only
Infant:No meal or futon
70% of adult rate for a child
50% of adult rate for a child
50% of adult rate for a child
40% of adult rate for a child
40% of adult rate for a child
30% of adult rate for a child
All prices include tax.

About deposit

Deposit:Not required

Cancellation rules

No. of persons / No. of nights0 day(s) before1 day(s) before2 day(s) before3 day(s) before5 day(s) before6 day(s) before7 day(s) before8 day(s) before14 day(s) before
14 person(s) or less100%50%30%30%
30 person(s) or less100%50%30%30%30%
100 person(s) or less100%80%50%30%30%20%20%10%10%
In case of No vacancy on the day you desire, try the Room Availability Service.

What is the Room Availability Service?

You will be notified by e-mail or phone if a room
becomes available on the day you desire.

Apply for Room Availability Service

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