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[With 2 Meals] Kamesei's Full "Omotenashi" Plan, Featuring our Chef's Kaiseki-style Dinner and Full Ryokan Breakfast

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥12,000(w tax)~

Features of the plan

The overall Japanese Ryokan experience would not be complete with out partaking in the meals. Our chef's multi-course kaiseki-style dinner featuring local, season ingredients will introduce you to Nagano's regional cuisine. And the full ryokan breakfast will provide you all the energy you need to start your day in the next morning.
Combined with our soothing hot spring mineral water baths, and the relaxing guest rooms (a spacious 10-tatami mat size with private toilet) and peaceful gardens, along with our friendly, helpful service, we are sure you will enjoy the best Kamesei Ryokan has to offer.

Outline of the plan

2 person/1 room(adult 1 person charge) ¥12,000(w tax)~

Check in
Check out
included / Chef Takei's creative kaiseki-style dinner
included / Full ryokan breakfast

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Shinshu Beef Steak or ShabuShabu Shinshu-gyu.  Nagano's famous Wagyu, comes from cows raised on Nagano apples for a faintly sweet bouquet.Shinshu Beef Steak or ShabuShabu

¥6,600×Quantity per person

Banana Split Sundae Americana  Banana Split Sundae, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth at the end of your meal.Banana Split Sundae Americana

¥1,000×Quantity dish

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¥15,000~ ¥12,000~ ¥10,500~ ¥9,000~ ¥8,000~ ¥8,000~
¥13,000~ ¥11,500~ ¥10,000~ ¥9,000~
¥13,000~ ¥11,500~ ¥10,000~ ¥9,000~
¥15,000~ ¥12,000~ ¥10,500~ ¥9,000~
¥14,000~ ¥12,500~ ¥11,000~ ¥10,000~
¥13,500~ ¥12,000~ ¥10,500~ ¥9,500~ ¥9,500~

The price listed for one adult does include tax.

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